private events

There is no greater place for bringing people together than a brewery. It’s a fact. Whether you’re throwing an office party, birthday party, retirement, rehearsal dinner, and so on. Smartmouth is the go-to spot for your next get-together.

While groups are certainly welcome to come during regular tasting room hours, we cannot reserve tables or space. Therefore, we offer groups the ability to host private events before or after our public hours and (most) anytime on Mondays and Tuesdays. Our space rental rates vary depending on the day/night of the week and the number of people you plan to host. Beers are charged at market price, but we can provide tickets for you to distribute if you wish to limit your bar tab. 

Our space can accommodate up to 150 guests, depending on the table/chair arrangement and the use of our outdoor deck and space. We do not serve food, but we can provide a list of recommended caterers and food trucks, or you may choose your own.  For music, we offer Pandora music service for you to select a station or you may plug any USB device into our audio system. You can also provide live music.

We only have an ABC license to serve beer. If you are having a private event and wish to bring wine, you must obtain an ABC banquet event license. It takes about 3 weeks and costs $55. We sell a variety of sodas and bottled water and we have a water fountain with cups. You are welcome to bring a cooler of non-alcoholic beverages if you wish.

Please complete the form below with the details of your event, including a requested date/time and the number of people you plan to have so that we can provide you with an exact quote.