Celebrate National Bike Month all-May-long with the release of Pedal Pusher IPA and Smartmouth’s award-winning Bike Bingo game!

Ready to play? Grab a 4-pack of this soft, tropical bike-inspired brew packed with Citra, Samba and Motueka hops. Next, scan the QR code on the can to download the free bingo board and gear up to play the game that’ll keep you pedalin’, explorin’, and carb-o-hydrated all month long! 

(Pro-tip: Check out last year’s clue pics and posts by following #pedalpusherbingo on Instagram)

dates to know

Friday, 4/30 at 3:00 PM >> Pedal Pusher IPA | Can & Draft  Release (NFK + VB)
Saturday, 5/1 at 12:00 PM  >>  Pedal Pusher Bingo 2021 begins
Monday, 5/31 at 12:00 AM >> Pedal Pusher Bingo ends & entries due
Wednesday, 6/2 at 6:00 PM >> Bike Bingo Winners announced

1. ? Follow @smartmouthbeer , @ertnorfolk , and @localbikeshopnfk on Instagram (if you don’t already!) 

2. ? Snag a 4-pack of Pedal Pusher cans starting on Friday, April 30 in NFK or VB – don’t drink them all up just yet! Bring a 16oz can along as your co-pilot during the month of May and make sure to include it in your bingo photos! 

3. ? Scan the QR code on the can to download the virtual bingo card! Make sure save the image to your phone or mobile device to keep track of your bike ventures and bingo wins!

4. ?‍♂️ GET ON YOUR BIKE AND RIDE! To complete a bingo square, you must take and post a photo or video that includes: yourself, a Pedal Pusher can, and your bike on Instagram (page or story). Make sure you complete the clue for each square then tag @smartmouthbeer + @ertnorfolk + @localbikeshopnfk on Instagram with your clue location!

HOW TO WIN: Score 5 in a row! Once you’ve completed 5 bingo squares in a row (in any direction) fill out this formfor a chance to win one of many sweet prizes at the end of the month!  Feel free to submit more than one Bingo win throughout the month, the more you score – the more chances to win! 

HOT TIP: Keep on tagging! Make sure to tag @smartmouthbeer , @localbikeshopnfk , and @elizabethrivertrail on your Bike Month Bingo progress for a chance to win free swag! Lucky participants will be randomly selected each week throughout the month of May.

NO INSTAGRAM? No worries! All are welcome to participate. Just fill out this form to submit your bingo wins and bike photos!


In Pedal Pusher Bike Bingo there is only one rule: pics or it didn’t happen (and videos are even better!) To complete a square a post must be made on your Instagram profile or story. All posts MUST INCLUDE:

1. 3 tags ( @smartmouthbeer, @ertnorfolk, and @localbikeshopnfk)
2.? location (or nearest location) for the bingo clue
3. hashtag #pedalpusherbingo

Finally, in the spirit of Bike Month and delicious brews, please try to include a Smartmouth beer and your bike in each photo! After all, we can’t wait to share where our beers (and your bikes) have been together.  #proudbeerparent

The fine print:
*Must be 21 years or older to participate
*Please practice social distancing when participating in bingo
*You must be on bikes to participate — sorry all you rollerbladers, skateboarders, and scooter enthusiasts, this is BIKE month!


Submit your winning 5-in-a-row bingo cards HERE throughout the Month of May for a chance to win the prizes below. You must submit your cards by May 31st to be entered to win. There are 12 total BINGO’s on the card. 

? GRAND PRIZE WINNER | Bingo Board Blackout (hint: there are 12 possible combinations!)
Smartmouth Inner Circle Membership ($200 value) + Local Bike Shop NFK Pit-Stop Pass + 1 FREE 60-minute tune-up + *New* Elizabeth River Trail Summer Swag Pack 

$100 gift card + FREE 60 minutes tune-up at Local Bike Shop NFK + Elizabeth River Trail Swag

$75 gift card + FREE 45 minutes tune-up at Local Bike Shop NFK + Elizabeth River Trail Swag

$50 gift card + ERT T-Shirt + FREE 30 minutes tune-up at Local Bike Shop NFK + Elizabeth River Trail Swag

Winners will be randomly selected on Wednesday, June 2nd. To increase your chances of winning, you can submit up to 12 unique 5-in-a-row bingo cards. Submit this form anytime between May 1-31 for a chance to win!

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    • A regional commuter program encouraging you to “commute differently” by choosing an alternative transportation route. HOT TIP: Log your bike commutes to receive TRAFFIX Rewards to use at restaurants, retailers, and area attractions. Download the app here!
    • Elizabeth River Trail 
    • The Elizabeth River Trail stretches 10.5 miles along Norfolk’s iconic waterfront. Bike through for Norfolk’s best views and historic sites, and find more to explore along the way!
  • Local Bike Shop NFK 
  • Local Bike Shop NFK is an open-concept, community-oriented bike workshop offering full-service bike repairs, custom vintage & new bike builds, and bike-friendly events!

learn more about biking in Hampton Roads!

Check out the links below – they may even help you solve a couple of bingo clues. 😉