how to play:

1. 📱 Follow @smartmouthbeer + @ertnorfolk on Instagram (if you don’t already!) 

2. 💳🍺 Purchase a 4-pack of Pedal Pusher IPA anytime during the month of May in NFK or VB — your Pedal Pusher 16oz can will be your new selfie-buddy while you play bingo! 

3. 📲 Download your digital Pedal Pusher Bingo card & save the image to your phone or mobile device. 

(click image for full-size mobile format)


4. 🚴‍♂️  Now, GET ON YOUR BIKE AND RIDE! Post photos of yourself, your brew, and your bike on Instagram, and make sure you follow the clues for each square (tag @smartmouthbeer + your location, too!)

5. HOW DO YOU WIN?! When you get BINGO! (5 in a row, any direction) you must fill out this  form to enter for a chance to win a prize at the end of the month. You can submit up to 12 unique Bingo wins throughout the month. Each submission increases your chance to win a PRIZE! (see below) 

***Forms must be submitted by Monday, June 1st to win.***

FRIENDLY TIP: We will be randomly selecting bingo participants for giveaways each week throughout the month of May, so keep posting fo a chance to win!

**Don’t have Instagram? Don’t worry! Just fill out this form to submit your winning bingo card!

the rules: 

There is only 1 main bingo rule… pics or it didn’t happen (videos work, too!)  To check off a square, you must post a pic or short video to your Instagram page OR instagram story that fulfills the square’s clue. The instagram story or post MUST INCLUDE:

1. 📱Tag or mention @smartmouthbeer + @ertnorfolk

2. 📍Tag your location (or nearest location!)

3. Don’t forget your hashtag –> #pedalpusherbingo

4. 🚴‍♂️&🍺 (Bikes & Brews) – Try your best to include your beer and/or bike in each photo! We can’t wait to share where our beers (and your bikes) have been together #proudbeerparent

The fine print:
*Must be 21 years or older to participate
*Please practice social distancing when participating in bingo
*You must be on bikes to participate — sorry all you rollerbladers, skateboarders, and scooter enthusiasts, this is BIKE month!

the prizes: 🏆

Submit your winning 5-in-a-row Bingo cards HERE throughout the Month of May for a chance to win the prizes below. You must submit your cards before June 1st to be entered to win. 

We will draw THREE lucky Bingo submissions from a hat on June 3rd. To increase your chances of winning, you can submit up to 12 unique 5-in-a-row bingo cards. You MUST submit this form every time you complete a new bingo to be entered to win.

🥇GOLD WINNER | $75 Gift Card

🥈SILVER WINNER | $50 Gift Card 

🥉BRONZE WINNER | $25 Gift Card 

bike-friendly reads & resources:

Want to learn more about biking in Norfolk? Check out the links below – they may even help you solve a couple of bingo clues. 😉