giving back

Community support and partnerships are the backbone of Smartmouth Brewing Co. We are proud of the work we are able to do for, and with, non-profit organizations in Virginia. Since our first brew in 2012, we have contributed approximately $3 from each barrel brewed to community non-profit organizations.

While we would love to support every worthy cause and see our products at every event, our hearts are bigger than our barrels. We also have to abide by the many rules dictated by the Virginia ABC regarding sponsorship, donations, delivery and participation:

¬ Smartmouth cannot give away beer. It is illegal.
¬ Smartmouth cannot set up and sell beer ourselves – also illegal.
¬ Event organizer must acquire a special event license from the ABC (If the event is held at a restaurant or retail location that serves beer, there are different ABC rules)
¬ Event organizer must purchase and pick up the beer directly from Smartmouth or from one of our distributors
¬ Event organizer must handle all sales
¬ Smartmouth may send an ambassador to educate attendees and help pour beer
¬ Smartmouth may contribute branded promo items

Smartmouth is willing to participate in a variety of ways; volunteering time, donating branded items, hosting fundraisers and contributing financially. We tend to focus our financial support to organizations whose mission pertains to our area’s waterways, be it restoration, education or recreation. We feel fortunate to live in a region surrounded by water, and believe that by protecting it and encouraging the enjoyment of it, we help make our community healthier, more beautiful and more fun. However, we do make exceptions, as there are so many great non-profits in our region. We have compiled the following guidelines to help groups apply for support.

¬ Group, organization, or event must be located in Virginia.
¬ Group, organization should be a qualified 501(c)(3) organization.
¬ A qualified applicant is limited to one donation within a 12-month period.
¬ All gift bags must be picked up at Smartmouth Brewing Co. We do not ship items.
¬ Please allow at least a week for us to reply to your request.

We invite you to fill out our donation request form and submit it to us at Smartmouth Brewing Co., 1309 Raleigh Avenue, Suite 300, Norfolk, VA 23507, or at

If you have any questions, please email Chris Neikirk at or leave a message at 757-624-3939 with your contact information.